Michael F. Corbet


ABOUT MFC Design — MFC Design has many techniques and tools at our disposal to help you create the piece of your dreams! We have experience with many types of materials including hardwoods, plywoods, salvaged woods and MDF; acrylic, glass, art-glass, and a variety of metals including bronze, silver and stainless steel. We have proficiency with many types of surface treatments, including natural finishes, milk-paint, oil/acrylic fine painting, gold and silver-leaf. We also do upholstery in both leather and fabric!

Michael Corbet earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture in 1988 at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. In 1998 he completed the Independent Wood Study Program at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland Oregon (a full-time 2-year program focusing on Woodworking and Metalsmithing techniques).

As an artist, Mike carries a personal responsibility to act for meaningful change. Blatantly or in subtle ways his work has a goal of moving people toward the positive, on many different levels. To accomplish this, it is necessary to distill an image or concept to remove all extraneous information until just the essence of the concept remains. In this manner he seeks the most direct and universal path to the hearts of those who experience his work.

Mike has, and continues to work in many formats. By combining these he increases the potential power of his artwork and reflects the myriad levels of understanding inherent to virtually any subject, concept, or debate. Popular American culture and everyday things-taken-for-granted provide the source material with which he seeks to reflect and change assumptions and therefore the very nature of our existence.

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